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Stardust Vega ( Vega )

Born on May 11, 2022. Vega is out Jasmine and the Morgan Stallion, Spring Hollow Statesman. Owned by 8T Acres. Vega qualified for USDF in hand championships in 2022. Currently, Vega is still growing and we hope to do USEA shows for the 2024 season. 

Starlight's Full Moon ( Cosmo )

Born on May 3, 2015. (Full Moon/Flower Moon) Cosmo is out Jasmine and Sternlicht. Owned by 8T Acres. Currently, Cosmo is being leased by Caitlyn Grover. They have done some clinics and plan to event in 2024 Beginner Novice. 

Chakolas Foreman (Foreman)

Born 2006 he is a 16.1H Cleveland Bay gelding. He has competed through preliminary in eventing. Foreman is now part of the 8T Acres lesson program.

Chakolas In Style (Style)

Born 2009 she is the half sister to Foreman and is also a 16.2H full Cleveland Bay.

Style is currently being leased by Nancy Braghirol. They qualified for AEC's 2023 at the KY Horse Park. They finished in 2nd place! They are eventing Beginner Novice/Novice this 2024 season.


Born ???? However, based on teeth the best guess is born in 2006. She is a rescued paint cross pony owned by Braelyn Glynn. She is currently used in the lesson program which she joined in 2014. 

Pia Nye Liv (Pia)

Born 2012. Pia is a Fjord x Saddlebred cross. She is 14.2h. Pia is owned by Jenette Ellms Munroe. Jen is currently eventing her Novice. Jen and Pia went to USEA Eventing Championships at the KY Horsepark in 2021. Pia is eventing Novice with Ashley Glynn for the 2023 eventing season and they qualified for AEC's 2023 at the KY Horsepark. Pia is eventing Novice for the 2024 season.



Born 2021. Tito is a Mustang gelding from the Sulphur HMA in Utah. He is currently 14h, but still growing! Tito is owned by Maia McHugh-Kramer, who hopes to build a solid dressage foundation, and event in the future. He has been started under saddle winter 2024.


Aspen Glow

Born 1996. Aspen is an Andalusian Appendix gelding, owned by Johanna Sheffler. Aspen had a successful career in eventing, until the age of eight. 

He was sent to auction when he could no longer jump. Johanna purchased him for her two young daughters. Aspen began a successful dressage career at 10 years old with Johanna’s daughter, Audra. He competed all over New England as well as in Kentucky. Aspen and Audra trained with some of the top dressage trainers in the country, and Aspen received attention and praise for his talent and temperament. The team completed for their USEF Bronze Medal when Aspen was 21 years old. 

He was the oldest competitor at the Kentucky Horse park dressage show. As a bronze medalist, Aspen began his retirement.  Aspen returned home to Johanna and resides at 8T farm where he enjoys taking walks to the old schoolhouse with Johanna. He is a friend to all of the farm animals, Ashley’s beautiful children and visitors.  



Born 2013. Luna is a paint pony and is 14.0h. Luna joined our lesson program in the winter of 2023. Before joining our program, she fox hunted and did starter horse trials. 


Born in 2005 Jasmine is a 16H 3/4 TB and 1/4 Percheron.


She competed up to Intermediate in eventing.


She was also Ashley's mount to complete her AAA certification in USPC.

Sadly, Jasmine was laid to rest November 21, 2022. She was such a special horse to Ashley Glynn. And an awesome mother to Cosmo and Vega!  

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