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 8T Acres Equestrian Center is professionally run by owner/trainer Ashley Glynn. The high level of horse care, excellent horsemanship and the safety of your horse will always be Ashley's top priority. 

8T Acres Equestrian Center includes all of the following in board:

Turnout in flex fencing pasture

  • Time outside is based off of horses needs
  • Group or single
  • Pastures Fertilized yearly
  • Manure cleaned out once a week
  • 10'by12' stall with stable comfort mats
  • Stall cleaned daily
  • Hay, Grain, and Bedding
  • Water at all times inside and out
  • Late night checks done daily
  • Full access to the entire facility
  • Blanket/boot changes
  • Farrier/Vet/dentist/worming schedules made by Ashley but all costs covered by owner

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